ICRS community,

If you’re reading this, you clicked through to see what Mr. Shim will be up to after this spring semester is over. Thank you for being here! I’ve been an Instructional Aide and Extended Care Coordinator at Immaculate for two years, and I’ve sincerely loved every day of it.

The short version of what I’ve been telling people about ICRS is that I spend my day with some of the kindest, most innovative, vulnerable, brainy, and creative people ever. The staff I work with are heroes. I truly believe our students will be exceptional engineers, lawyers, scientists, doctors, civil servants, authors, dancers, theatre directors, etc. They are incredible people. They’ll change the whole world. I am moved every day, and I’m grateful to be a part of their colorful lives.

It’s been through the grace of our Lord that I’ve been able to participate in this community. Thankfully, I’ve been able to help the wonderful, radiant Mrs. Hinton in 2nd grade.

In the summer of 2016, I accepted a position at Tierra Nueva in Burlington. My work as Office & Communications Administrator requires raising support to build a salary, and I began to meet with donors to invest in my work through the ministry. Ms. Rodrigues prayerfully and graciously made adjustments to allow for my occasional absence from school in order to attend training sessions and support meetings throughout the 2016-2017 year.

I will dearly miss the ICRS community: the students, staff, and families. I’ve been in awe multiple times every day that I’ve been here. Diego never began a school day without a blessing and a kiss from his mom. Anders never once complained, quit, or gave less than 100% at kickball. He knows the love of the game, calculates risk, runs as fast as he can, and makes his team better. Cassidy makes me honestly laugh every time I see her. She designed a whole scavenger hunt for my birthday last year, with clues that rhymed and made sense. Julia shows up every day with a big smile, bright eyes, a full heart, and an optimistic spirit. She is an inspiration to me. Sarah’s parents always had an encouraging word of appreciation to share; they never had to, and they did it anyway. Fernanda and Vidi at COA were always warm, kind, funny, and in deep appreciation of our work. Mrs. Brooks found out (somehow) that my wife and I were moving to Burlington and offered to carpool. We did and continue to do so! It’s the best! Mr. Bell and I quickly, fervently laughed and groaned about how best to serve the 6th grade math kids, trying to harness their energy, wit, and self-deprecation. (Lydia, Ishmael, Marlen, Serena, Ishmael, and Mi. I believe in you! I am proud of you!) I could go on and on. I probably will as the days go by and I continue to miss this group of faith. This page will get longer and longer, and I’ll never take it down.


Please click around and read further about the work to be done in our beautiful Skagit Valley. And please reach out and let me tell you directly how I’ve appreciated working here.

alvin.e.shim@gmail.com / 360-941-6913

In gratitude and joy,

Alvin Shim