Bob and Gracie are back from Africa

This is a quick, little piece to invite the community to hear about The People’s Seminary’s Certificate Training in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. Concept to uploading time: roughly 48 hours. (We’ll do better next time, nitpickers.)
Come hear stories!
Tuesday, Feb 6, 7-8pm
Tierra Nueva
701 E Fairhaven Ave.
Burlington, WA 98233. 

“Be Happy to Plan Ahead”

Client: Dekker Financial
Format: Video for Facebook Ad, 2017
Voice Talent: Beth Baeslack

Objective: Increase brand and service awareness via Facebook Ad Manager before tax preparation season. Client desired a succinct, motivational piece that highlights the importance of having financial documents in the correct layout and amounts. Facebook ad increases potential client interaction with Dekker Financial website. As of January 20, 2017, the video has reached almost 20,000 unique clients on Facebook and Instagram.

Faith Community Fellowship / audio podcast

A podcast that fills in a little more detail on the book of Daniel, in accompanying the Daniel Series at Faith Community Fellowship in Mount Vernon. Questions, listed below, were submitted by the congregation and explored by Pastor Erik Kamp.

1. Are there any cultural influences coming forth in these visions and dreams that Daniel witnesses?

-What did Daniel read through his life that would have shaped his writing?
-Creation Stories/Myths of Daniel’s time. Primarily Genesis 1/2, borrowing from ancient world, Canaanites, Babylonian Mythology, etc.

-Cosmology: the science of the origin and development of the universe.
-Enuma Elish (Enûma Eliš), Babylonian Creation Myth, Elevation of Marduk as chief god of Babylon and above other Mesopotamian Gods

2. What style of literature is the book of Daniel? Was this new in his time or were there similar writings that he was able to draw influence from?

3. Divine Inspiration: In what manner is this predictive of history? Does the Spirit reveal history’s path to Daniel?

4. Daniel’s own ‘original interpretation.’ How do we read these passages? What’s the intent?

Podcast FCF.org / iTunes feed


Immaculate Conception Regional School

2nd Grade Storyline Video Series


Mount Vernon Christian School



Brigid Collins Family Support Center