Condensed Résumé pdf

Extended Résumé

Instructional Aide, Extended Care Coordinator 
Immaculate Conception Regional School
Mount Vernon, Washington. August 2015 – June 2017

  • Providing individual or small group instruction for 2nd and 6th grade.
    Coordinated after-school care for up to 25 K-8 students.
  • Provided weekly enrichment activities after school (eg., hot cocoa tasting bar, disc-golf course, international Christmas workshop, and seedling seminar).
  • Developed, promoted, and maintained gardening program.


Freelance Marketing / Digital Content. 2014-2015

Mount Vernon Christian School – Development; Interview, Promotional Videos
Brigid Collins Family Support Center – Website Redesign; Promotional Video
First CRC of Mount Vernon – Website Redesign; Staff Training


Insurance Producer, Fred Huggins Agency; American Family Insurance
Mount Vernon, Washington. July-December 2014

  • Following leads for prospective insurance sales (property, casualty) to area individuals and businesses.
  • Utilizing internet leads and local networking groups (Chamber of Commerce).


Long-term Substitute Instructor, Mount Vernon Christian School
Mount Vernon, Washington. January-June 2014

  • Instructed high school Biology, Physical Science, and middle school Bible classes.
  • Utilized dioramas, videos, and interviewing to explore concepts and apply information.


Campaign Executive, United Way of Whatcom County
Bellingham, Washington. August-November 2013

  • Researched United Way-supported programs and fund distribution methods.
  • Presented specific efforts for education, income, and health in Whatcom county to a variety of audiences (banks, schools, retail, and non-profit employee groups).
  • Coordinated with and supported employee campaign coordinators to effectively market and organize fundraising within individual companies.


Program Assistant, Boys and Girls Club of Skagit County
Mount Vernon, Washington. Fall 2013

  • Planned activities for Positive Sprouts gardening club according to corporate standards and community resources.
  • Coordinated with youth to make thoughtful decisions within a larger community during skill-building and educational activities.


Theatre Director, Mount Vernon Christian School
Mount Vernon, Washington. Spring 2013

  • Directed 25+ high school and middle school actors, crew members, and dancers in two-hour production of “Narnia! A Musical”.
  • Recruited community professionals to participate through lending skills and materials: costume, make up, set-building, musicians, video, and meals.


English Instructor, Ewha Elementary School
Seoul, South Korea. 2012-2013

  • Taught 120 sixth grade students, emphasizing fluency in speaking and listening.
  • Integrated Content-Based Instruction and STEAM (STEM with Art) concepts in collaboration with homeroom teachers.


Resume and CV Workshop Director, Self-Directed
Sioux Center, Iowa. 2011

  • Instructed 12 International college students in technical writing style and practices.
  • Produced documents according to individual majors of study and career aspirations.


Professor of English, Kosin University
Busan, South Korea. 2010-2011

  • Taught conversation, composition, literature, and film to all years with an average class size of 30 students for 14 weekly class hours.
  • Organized student workshops twice a week for peer-editing, counseling, and research.


Student Symposium President, Dordt College
Sioux Center, Iowa. 2008-2010

  • Designed three representative branches, wrote constitution and campus policy, and oversaw 18 junior members serving as elected officials.
  • Led bi-weekly council meetings with junior members and faculty-administrators.
    Coordinated annual discretionary budget of $40,000 for club disbursement and activity.


Academic Tutor, Dordt College
Sioux Center, Iowa. 2008

  • Wrote tutoring curriculum for two remedial freshmen. Met regularly to practice research methods, proofread essay drafts, and challenge reading comprehension.
  • Assigned a weekly variety of reading, short essays, and exercises in writing styles to practice effective editing and scheduling.
  • Students succeeded and graduated after initially failing to meet the minimum academic requirements of the institution.


Assistant to Linda Seger ThD.
Colorado Springs, Colorado. 2009-2013

  • Edited manuscripts for publication, transcribed interviews, and reported on films for use in scriptwriting texts according to a regular deadline. Assisted two published works.
  • Screened emails and maintained web publicity on five online platforms (Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, Linkedin, blog), allowing for a growing community for discussion and speaking opportunities; lectures, conferences, festivals, and seminars.


Documentary Photojournalist
Kenya, the Philippines 2009, 2010

  • Traveled to document (video and still photography) poverty and slum life with professor of Digital Media Mark Volkers.
  • Produced promotional videos for Los Banos Christian Schools (Manila) and Ave Maria (Nairobi).


Kristi Birkeland, Community Engagement Manager
United Way of Whatcom County
Alvin has followed through on each of his accounts and tasks, often going above and beyond in the process. Throughout his time here at United Way of Whatcom County, I have seen improvement in his professional communications and his time management skills.

Increased exposure to professional situations and mentoring will allow Alvin to continue on his path of personal and professional growth. Alvin seems to thrive on experiential learning, and is a very engaged participant in on-the-job trainings and thought-provoking discussions.

Alvin is a fun and enthusiastic team member. His love of teaching and learning is evident and appreciated. It’s clear he is genuinely excited about non-profit work, specifically anything associated with children and youth. He is creative in his approach to problem solving, and often volunteers his talents outside the scope of his physical task list. Alvin is extremely willing to learn, adjust, and grow as an employee. I look forward to seeing where Alvin’s energy, passion, and career path lead him.

Joel Adeline, HS Dean of Students
Mount Vernon Christian School
I know Mr. Shim through connections at the high school where I teach high school history and science. Alvin was a co-director in a musical production at our school and has been a capable, dependable substitute teacher as well. He is extremely dedicated to producing quality work and to getting the most out of the young people that have been placed under his charge. Because of his hard work and his care for young people, he has the ability to build a natural bridge of trust with them and motivate them to be successful–a skill that would be essential for an instructor and supervisor.

Mr. Shim was a very capable drama director. His knowledge of the subject and his passion for it caused his actors to put on an outstanding production. In speaking with those who have known Mr. Shim longer, I have come to see that his passion for excellence and success is seen in all areas of his life and he achieves it to a high degree.

As a teacher who has used Alvin Shim for a substitute, I have been impressed by his ability to follow my lesson plans and also generate his own in a short period of time, basing them upon sound teaching practices and ensuring that they align with curricular standards and objectives.

Mr. Shim has international teaching experience, having taught for a period of time in the Korea Republic. This experience has shaped him as an individual and I know that he grew immensely from the experience.

I believe that Alvin Shim’s strong skill-set, desire for success, passion, and his dedication to those that he is leading and working with makes him a very strong candidate for any position of instruction and interaction. He would be a valuable, dependable employee, who would add to the quality and image of your institution.

Jane Kim, Head English Instructor
Ewha Elementary School
Alvin Shim was employed for a year as a grade 6 English teacher at Ewha University Elementary School from March 2012 to February 2013. As a teacher, he was an energetic and enthusiastic. The students who interacted with him were pleased with his teaching.

During his time at Ewha, he was responsible for planning and developing lesson plans that were appropriate to the classes with a variety of topics such as multi-cultural, space, career planning, invention, advertising, and many more. He prepared and conducted fun classes that students were excitedly awaiting.

His warm personality and rapport with the students and teachers were excellent. He paid special attention not only to excelling students but also to remedial students and supported them. He attended to all the queries they had. His careful attentiveness demonstrated his love towards education and towards the students as individuals. As a co-teacher of the grade 6, I always received fresh ideas from preparing lessons with him and got support from him so we were able to come up with a challenging lessons. Even though here was a language barrier with the other teachers, he always initiated the conversation and formed a good rapport with them as well, which strengthened trust and ability in the classroom.

Elijah Palmer, Museum Instructor and MA
Hampton Roads Naval Museum
I had the privilege of teaching with Alvin at Kosin University in South Korea. In my interactions with Alvin in this professional setting, I was always impressed by his drive to impart knowledge to students in non-traditional ways. As the Korean education system is traditionally very rigid, this was a very challenging undertaking. Yet Alvin faced this challenge head-on and pushed his students to explore many areas to connect them to their studies and their Christian walk. In doing this, he might have upset some of them who were uncomfortable with this new way of thinking, but he tried to break down the false separation between the “sacred & secular” and help the students to look at their faith in a new way. Alvin seemed to always have fresh ideas to teach certain lessons and was a great asset to myself and our coworkers.

Adam Dekker, Investment Advisor Representative
Dekker Financial
I had the opportunity to teach with Alvin Shim at Kosin University. While there, we shared an office where we frequently discussed our work, planned for classes, and also had the chance to observe each other’s classes from time to time, and so I feel well qualified to discuss Alvin’s professional qualities. Alvin has always been a hard worker, going above and beyond what were his expected duties and preparing for any possible challenges. Even before school had started, Alvin was on campus, asking questions to former teachers about what did or didn’t work in the classroom, reading books on how to become a more effective teacher, and looking for new and interesting ways to make the material relatable to the students. Alvin is the kind of person who approaches life with a deliberateness informed by his faith in God, and this is especially apparent in his work.

Jessica Vogel, Consultant
Grant-Shannon Staffing Inc.
I had the pleasure of serving alongside Alvin Shim on Dordt’s student government during the 2004-2005 academic year. This afforded me the opportunity to see the strength of his work and his character on numerous occasions.

Alvin has tremendous work ethic. He was tasked with a major overhaul of the format and function of the school’s student government, and did so creatively and professionally. He produced quality, timely work. One of Alvin’s strengths is his ability to see the big picture and think outside the box, which was a great asset to him in this role. He was able to make a major impact on Dordt’s campus through this position while maintaining a very busy academic schedule.

Alvin’s character is one of honesty, integrity, and strength. He has natural leadership abilities that made him a perfect fit for this and other roles that demand it. He gains trust from those working alongside him easily because it is well deserved. I am delighted to recommend Alvin and welcome any questions about my experience working with him.