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Tierra Nueva uses the support-raising model to include as many as possible in sharing the power of Christ. This means that all employed at TN are outreach personnel in addition to pastors, advocates, coordinators, and administrators. Employees at Tierra Nueva raise support from their donors all around the world, and receive official, taxed income from TN. Contributions are tax-deductible as we are a registered 503c non-profit.

This was a big point of conversation when I first applied for the position. It continues to be. Please do not hesitate to discuss this further with me.

I often hear people say that raising support for a job is another job to itself. It is! Sometimes. Less to my position than to the people I support with administrative competence, but still. What that should tell you about our organization is that everyone wants to be here; we work and take on that extra work, anxiety, and vulnerability in order to answer the call to serve God’s people in the Skagit Valley. Our God’s generosity through the church keeps us employed and sustained.



Is it difficult, challenging, embarrassing to raise your own support?

It’s a lot of work on top of the other work, but the specifics of raising support is fun and encouraging. I believe in the work our staff is doing and I believe in good administrative/communications work, so sharing specifics with people is rewarding.
I haven’t felt embarrassed because it makes sense (to me) that the church support her ministry workers.

What’s the overhead?

6% of my raised salary is deducted for administrative fees (things like office space, stamps, lights, internet, heat, running water). Although, to be fair, my position as Office & Communications Administrator is administrative on its own; I will be the sole full-time admin staff to support and equip everyone else.

Additional thoughts on overhead by Dan Pallota in his Ted Talk, The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong. Further reading.